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Client: Star Commercials

Location: Doncaster

Product: BM14200 Roller Brake Tester

Star Commercials, a workshop based in Doncaster, have decided to take the plunge and invest in our BM14200 Roller Brake Tester.

The reason for the investment

They decided it was time to invest in a premium quality Brake Tester to not only reduce their own external Brake Tester costs but to also be able to offer customers a reliable Brake Testing reading at their premises.

The advantages

Star Commercials can now carry out their brake tests in-house, which brings many advantages. Firstly, they are saving money because of the decreasing of vehicle downtime as well as not having to rely on external agencies for brake tests. They are also able to increase workshop revenue by offering brake testing services to local businesses.

About the BM14200 Brake Tester

The BM14200 roller brake tester is an in-ground brake tester with one of the strongest designs in the market and is built to withstand a high daily throughput of fully laden vehicles. As well as its strong design, the brake tester comes with easy-to-use BM FlexCheck software to allow you to have advanced graphic print outs, advanced data collection and more.

Other benefits include:

• Axle load of up to 20,000kg
• Optional axle load simulation
• Optional automatic axle weighing
• Up to 3 displays can be connected
• Approved by several international authorities
• Made in Denmark
• Infrared Remote control with an operating distance of 15-25 metres.

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