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Client: Lenham Storage (Southern) Ltd

Location: Hampshire

Product: BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester


We are pleased to announce that our V-Tech Engineers have successfully installed a BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester at Lenham Storage (Southern) Ltd in Hampshire. Lenham Storage is a company which stores and delivers groceries and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) using their private fleet of commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicles are required to have their brakes tested on a regular basis. As you can imagine for any business with a fleet of vehicles this could become very time consuming and costly when being done externally. With our BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester installed, Lenham Storage can now perform their own tests on their fleet of vehicles on a regular basis in house, whilst saving time and money.

Lenham Storage

“The process from initial enquiry to full installation was very good. The delivery was on time as they said it would be. I couldn’t fault the V-Tech team, they installed the equipment and even showed the mechanics here how to operate it. The unit has been in constant use from the minute the guys installed it, helping to save a lot of time and money for the business as we no longer have to wait for garages to fit us in for a booking or pay out externally for the service. The process, installation and equipment has been superb”.

Our innovative BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester is an in-ground brake tester designed for light and heavy vehicles with axle loads up to 20,000 kg with integrated load simulation. The unit is fully DVSA approved and is compliant with ISO 21069.

Benefits of the BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester include:

  • Robust and long lasting
  • Easy to use with BM software
  • 1-man operation from behind the wheel using an android tablet
  • Full weighing
  • Reversible and bi-directional as standard
  • Full DVSA database with DTP numbers
  • Up to 3 displays can be connected

Check out the BM20200 Brake Testers here.

We provide the complete service from an on-site visit to finance to complete installation. Watch real installations here.

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