Stoney Street Garage Improve Repair Efficiency With Versatile Commercial Roller Brake Tester

Stoney Street Garage Improve Repair Efficiency With Versatile Commercial Roller Brake Tester

Stoney Street Garage, a Hereford based business that specialise in Commercial Vehicle Repairs, recently added Roller Brake Testing equipment to their workshop tech to improve repair efficiency.

Client: Baileys A&R

Location: Swindon

After visiting us at the CV Show earlier this year, we spoke to Stoney Street Garage regarding their workshop requirements. They wanted to improve workshop repairs by investing in a Commercial Roller Brake Tester. The equipment needed to be versatile, but with the ability to withstand the harsh conditions that can be expected at a Commercial Repair Garage.

Working with Richard Price at Stoney Street Garage, V-Tech Commercial were able to deliver a stream-lined install of our Mobile BM20200 Brake Tester.

The BM20200 Brake Tester is fully DVSA compliant and includes many features to optimise ease of use. A prime example is the Flexcheck app, which allows workshops and technicians to print and read brake tester data (whilst using the new installed brake tester live!).

Stoney Street Garage needed ultimate versatility and the Roller Brake Testers provided them with just that!

“Here’s another photo (right) setting up today. It’s the same building but a different bay – just to show how versatile these brake testers are. We are really pleased with the Brake Tester – Thanks!”

Richard Ian Price, Stoney Street Garage

Stoney Street Garage also took advantage of the V-Tech Gold Care Package that provides them with 5 years warranty for parts and labour – giving this thriving workshop peace of mind that they will be limiting parts costs over the next five years!

The workshop felt that this was invaluable to their workshop as they know that their equipment will be fully looked after by fully qualified and trained engineers – all from a UK based operation built to service and support their needs quickly to avoid any workshop downtime.

Why the BM20200?

The BM20200 is used in a large variety of applications of which some is driven by specific customer needs. The following are a sample of the most common applications:

  • Designed for use as a normal brake tester in workshops repairing and testing light and heavy vehicles. The BM20200 is placed directly on the floor indoor or outdoor without need of civil work.
  • Due to low weight and in particular low height, which reduces requirement to the length of drive on/off ramps, the BM20200 is perfect for use in conjunction with road side inspections by enforcement authorities.
  • Due to its robustness and simplicity, the BM20200 works well in tough environment as experienced by Army, Navy or Air force organisations.

No need to blow your cash-flow

With our unique financing options, investing in essential Brake Testing Equipment doesn’t have to be a drain on your cash-flow. From as little at £190 per week you can take advantage of the BM20200 Roller Brake Tester and Gold Care Package.

Want to find out how our Brake Testing Equipment and Installation Services can support your garage?

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