Haulage company go the extra mile for their vehicle’s safety

Haulage company go the extra mile for their vehicle’s safety

Location: Wolverhampton

Product: Haulage company go the extra mile for their vehicle’s safety


McGarries Haulage in Wolverhampton have decided to invest in our BM14200 in-ground commercial brake tester. McGarries are a long-established haulage company running a fleet of 20 vehicles ranging from vans, 7.5 tonne/ 18 tonne and artic lorries.
The business takes their vehicle safety very seriously and have recently taken the relevant steps to bring brake testing in-house. To fit with DVSA regulations, tests are performed every 4-6 weeks on each vehicle. To ensure that their vehicles are kept in top condition and undergo the frequent tests on time the business have decided to run brake tests within their own premises.

Benefits of investing in their own brake testing equipment include:

  • A reduction in vehicle down time
  • Significantly lower brake testing costs
  • An opportunity to offer brake testing services to other commercial fleets in the area

Why they chose to invest in our brake testing equipment

McGarries were looking for a brake tester which was flexible enough to test the larger vehicles in their fleet as well as the smaller vehicles. In the past, the business had struggled with being able to find somewhere that could accommodate their brake testing needs for their high artic lorries. With our outdoor brake testing setup, the business never has to worry about external brake testing stations! All brake tests can be done professionally in-house at their own convenience.

The BM14200 is one of the strongest roller brake testers on the market. Compliant with ISO standards and approved by several international authorities including RWTUV Germany and more. It strong, heavy duty build makes it the perfect fit for the commercial market.

A powerful 15kw motor drives large chain wheels providing a muscular and resilient gear system. With 60mm roller axles and a solid hot galvanized frame the BM14200 is built to be a long-lasting part of your commercial workshop.

BM Flexcheck software and DVSA database and DTP data comes as standard with our BM brake testers. Flexcheck allows a single operator to run the test remotely over Wi-Fi. The tester uses a tablet in the vehicle cab to start each stage of the test and the program automatically stores the data to the PC in the control station. The database provides comparative data for a huge range of specific vehicles giving the tester all confidence in the accuracy of the results.

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Many UK workshops have invested in our BM14200 and have been amazed at how quickly they make the money back which they initially invested into the brake testing equipment.

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