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Client: Omega Travel Group

Location: Milton Keynes

Product: BM 20200 mobile commercial brake tester


V-Tech were delighted to install the BM 20200 mobile commercial brake tester for Omega Travel Group. The BM 20200 comes with full TUV and GEA approval for ATL and ATF bays and with an inside clearance of up to 4m, and a maximum axle testing weight of 20 tons. It is an ideal option for commercial workshops or mobile testers alike.

When carrying out the active test we train the workshop engineers on the whole system covering any questions that may arise, best practice and procedure making sure everyone is conödent in the operation of the new kit. The unit, when set up, requires just 3 and a half meters total length to deploy the on / off ramps and 4 and a half meter clearance in width. It can also be set up on a range of surfaces – tarmac, concrete or uneven surfaces like gravel sand dirt or even snow

Providing more øexibility than the in-ground brake tester and without the need for civil work.

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