BM605 Tacho Tester

BM605 Tacho Tester

The BM605 Tacho Tester is a strong tacho tester for testing of speed on light and heavy vehicles with an axle load up to 16000 kg.

Product Description

The BM605 tacho tester is a strong tester with 4 rollers.

The tacho tester features a range of options that allows for a customized configuration.


  • Robust and long lasting:
    • All steel is of highest quality and hot galvanized.
    • Can be supplied in a minimum configuration and still allows for later upgrade to all options.
    • Prepared for test line expansion with roller brake tester, suspension tester and side slip tester.
  • BM FlexCheck software:
    • Advanced data collection, storing and presentation of test results.
    • Data capture from a complete inspection lane.
    • PDA/smartphone/tablet solution that allows the operator to control and monitor the test results directly on a handheld unit.
  • 4 rollers placed in a one bed steel frame.
  • Large and easy-to-read display showing the speed and distance travelled.

Technical Data

Weight 673 kg
Speedometer tester (LxWxH)

2986 x 615 x 170 mm

Subframes (LxWxH)

3080 x 710 x 174 mm

Roller diameter

159 mm

Roller length

1000 mm

Wheel span

800 to 2800 mm

Maximum test axle weight

16000 kg

Measuring range

0 – 120 km/h

Power and fuses

1 x 230 Vac + N + PE, Min. 6 Amp


  • The rollers are only 150 mm above floor level allowing for very short drive on/off ramps (only 125 cm on each side).
  • Test of almost any vehicle regardless of brand and age.
  • The display can be mounted either on the wall, saving floor space, or on floor column devices, that are designed so equipment is protected even when floor is cleaned with chemicals.


  • Can be installed in-ground using a hot galvanized subframe.
  • Can be installed on-ground. Requires fixation of the roller bed(s) to the floor.
  • Can easily be transported from site to site on a flatbed truck or trailer.

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