BM3201 4 Gas Cylinder

BM3201 4 Gas Cylinder

The BM3201 4 Gas Cylinder is both an anti-pollution control tool and a diagnostic tool.

Product Description

The BM3201 4-gas analyzer is for emission testing of vehicles.

The analyzer features a range of options that allows for a customized configuration.


  • Accurate and consistent measurements.
  • Robust and long lasting.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Graphic screen and 5-key keyboard.
  • Guided test procedure on LCD display and handheld unit.
  • Thermal integrated printer (or Matrix Dot on demand).
  • Intelligent control of gas pump via handheld unit to ensure long pump lifetime.
  • Compatible with the OIML R99 Class 0 and ISO 3930 standards.
  • Multi-gas analysis mode.
  • Vehicle inspection mode.
  • Automatic condensation extraction.
  • Prepared for integration with BM FlexCheck software.
    • Allows for fully automated one or multilane test facilities.
  • Can be supplied with mobile trolley for easy movement:
    • Standard trolley or “tough” trolley.

Technical Data

Size of display unit (LxWxH)

400 x 380 x 200 mm

Preheating time

< 5 min at 20°C (1 minute minimum)

Response time

13 seconds for HC, CO, CO2
28 seconds for oxygen

Nominal pump delivery

6 l/min.

Minimum pump delivery

3.5 l/min.

Hose length for gas sampling probe

7.5 m

Air pressure variation

Automatic correction by integrated absolute pressure sensor

Zero point and sensitivity

Automatic compensation

Pump standby and zeroing


Power supply x 1

0.9 A / 230 Vac (+10-15%)
1.5 A / 115 Vac


Normal resolution: 0 to 20000 ppm Propane
10 ppm accuracy
Normal res.: 10 ppm vol.
High res.: 1 ppm vol.


-0.03 à 10.5%
0.03% accuracy
Normal res.: 0.01% vol.
High res. 0.001% vol.


-0.4 à 21.0 %
0.5% accuracy
Normal res.: 0.1% vol.


-0.5 à 21.7 %
0.1% accuracy
If O₂<4% vol. high res.: 0.01% vol.
Otherwise normal res.: 0.1% vol.


0 à 5000 ppm
Res.: 1 ppm vol.

Engine speed

0 à 9999 RPM
+/- 10 RPM accuracy
Res.: 1 tours/min.

Oil temperature

-5 à 150°C
+/- 1°C accuracy
Res.: 1°C

Corrected CO

0 à 10%
0.03% accuracy
Res.: 0.01%

Air/fuel coefficient (Lambda)

0.600 to 1.200
0.03 accuracy
Res.: 0.001 or 0.01 (selectable)

Size standard trolley (LxWxH)

500 x 500 x 1000 mm

Size “tough" trolley (LxWxH)

550 x 550 x 1300 mm


  • Latest technology and software meeting authority requirements.
  • Handheld units allow the operator to operate from inside the vehicle.


  • Private workshops.
  • Vehicle inspection bodies.

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