BM60 and BM61 Inspection Pits

BM60 and BM61 Inspection Pits

The BM60 and BM61 are prefabricated, 100% watertight steel pits for cost effective installation.

Product Description

The BM60 and BM61 inspection pits are prefabricated and fully sealed against water ingress.

The inspection pits features a large range of options that allows for a customized configuration.


  • Robust and long lasting:

    • Welded internal and external seams.
    • Integral sump and safety lighting.
    • Electrical cables are contained within steel conduits.
    • Fully sealed against water.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • Preinstalled connections, pipework, electrical cables and extra equipment.
  • Each pit is designed from the ground up.
    • Ground conditions and proposed application are taken into account.
    • Supplied with civil drawings and design calculations.
    • Full project management support during manufacturing and installation.
  • Construction details:

    • Access steps and escape ladder of steel construction.
    • Black painted floor and white painted walls.
    • Exterior of pit treated with bitumen.
  • Design options:

    • Recesses for roller brake tester and hydraulic wheel play detector.
    • Prepared for mounting of BM chassis load simulation system.
    • Emergency exit tunnels.
    • Service tunnels connecting adjacent pits.
  • BM60 has a narrow design.
  • BM61 has a wide design, making easier accomodation of lubrication and other equipment.

Technical Data

Maximum axle load

20000 kg


  • Easily and quickly installed with minimum disruption to everyday business.
  • Full 10 year guarantee.
  • Fully sealed against ground water ingress.
  • Built to specifications.


  • Prior to installation we meet with customers and supply relevant engineering plans and technical drawings.
  • Detailed instructions about excavation and backfill of concrete are provided.
  • Reinforced side and floor minimises the amount of concrete to backfill.
  • Installation, adjustment, fastening and connection of the pit is conducted by our professional service team.
  • A fully operational installation takes only 3-5 working days.


  • In workshops where high water tables prevail.
  • Workshops and inspection lanes.
  • Bus and coach operators.
  • General haulage operators.
  • Commercial vehicle workshops.
  • Over 3000 succesful installations.

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Interested in our brake testers, or other products? Get in touch and find out more.