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Case Study | BM Brake Tester

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Client: Hairsine Trailers LTD

Location:  Hull

Product: BM 14200 Commercial Brake Tester


V-Tech were delighted to install the BM 14200 Commercial Brake Tester for Hairsine Trailers LTD. Hairsine Trailers’ specialises in the repair and maintenance of all types of haulage trailers, including trailer MOT, and diagnotics services.

V-Tech installed a BM 14200 Inground Commercial Brake Tester. The BM 14200 is a robust, heavy duty roller brake tester featurin double chained gearing systems, 15KW motors, mechanical motor brakes with large hard wearing rollers. This is the preferred brake tester used by the DVSA in their goods vehicle test situations. The rollers are connected to the control unit for power, and to relay all the diagnostic information as well as the brake test information. Each roller conveys automatic Axle weight through separate weighing cells and through the PC unit. It can also be programmed to test any vehicle from passenger cars to heavy goods vehicles. All V-Tech engineers are trained directly by BM to install and maintain their equipment.


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