DVSA MOT Compliance Changes

The DVSA have recently sent out a communication to MOT sites to inform them of MOT testing equipment approvals, and how their brake testing equipment must be compliant with the DVSA. This will mean that for many MOT workshops, their brake testing units will need to be upgraded with the latest MTS software which allows for all of their MOT testing data to be easily transferred directly to the DVSA straight after a test is completed.

MOT stations required to take action include:

  • Those who are replacing their Brake Tester
  • Stations that are changing the AE (Authorised Examiner)
  • Those who are changing the test station details for example: their company name

V-Tech are unique in being able to fully upgrade mainly all units to the latest version to ensure that MOT workshops are connected and compliant.

What is included in the software upgrade?

  • A site visit by one of our professional, highly qualified Engineers
  • An upgrade to the firmware and software of the Brake Testing Unit
  • An upgrade to the latest version of operating software

Once you have realised the need for an upgrade, and have initially consulted our team, you will need to:

  • Contact DVSA to obtain the key/certification code for the required software
  • Speak to our V-Tech team to let us know that you have the code
  • Our V-Tech Engineers will then come to site and perform the upgrade, installing a new PC and the correct software
  • Your MOT testing data will then automatically be transferred to the DVSA every time a test is completed

Click here to find out how to request your key/certification code.

If your Roller Brake Tester is old, why not upgrade to a current one? View our wide range of professional, high quality Roller Brake Testers online or contact our team to enquire.

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