Brake Testing saves Runnymede Borough Council Time and Money

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Client: Runnymede Borough Council

Location: Runnymede

Product: BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester


We are pleased to announce that we have supplied and installed our BM20200 Mobile Brake Tester for Runnymede Borough Council. The council have a fleet of vehicles, which need brake testing, according to the DVSA guidance for road safety. Therefore Specialist Fleet Services who is the Contractor that runs Runnymede’s workshops decided to invest in our brake testing equipment to help cut costs and save time by carrying out the testing in-house.

Specialist Fleet Services are responsible for ensuring that the Council’s vehicles are up to standard and are compliant and roadworthy.

V-Tech are proud to offer many different models of brake testing equipment to suit various types of workshops and fleet operators. We provide the complete service from on-site quotes to competitive finance to the final installation. Our aftercare team can also create a servicing and maintenance contract to ensure your equipment stays compliant and fully functional.

Our innovative BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester is an on-ground brake tester designed for light and heavy vehicles with axle loads up to 20,000 kg with integrated load simulation. The unit is fully DVSA approved and is compliant with ISO 21069.

Benefits include:

  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Easy to use BM FlexCheck Software
  • 1-man operation from behind the wheel, using an Android Tablet for complete
    control from your fingertips
  • Automatic axle weighing and vehicle total weight
  • Reversible and Bi-Directional as standard
  • Full DVSA database with DTP numbers
  • Up to 3 displays can be connected including Android Tablet, PC Monitor &
    Widescreen TV
  • Approved by several international authorities including DVSA
  • Can be optionally supplied in compliance with ISO21069
  • Manufactured in Denmark, using high-quality steel
  • Consists of an integral motorized gearbox, two main rollers, and a spring-loaded
    sensor roller – all placed in a galvanized frame
  • Designed for direct on-ground installation therefore no civil work is needed
  • Intelligently designed to minimise storage space needed

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