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BM4010 Brake Tester - AJ Automedics - Durham

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Client: AJ Automedics Vehicle Services

Location: Durham

Product: BM4010 Brake Tester

AJ Automedics, who provide vehicle services in Durham, invested in our BM4010 Brake Tester to replace an old brake testing unit. The thriving workshop wanted a high-quality brake tester that allowed for split bed installation over an inspection pit. The BM4010 was a straight fit into the ground, which meant there was no groundworks necessary for the customers. Our BM4010 has had increasing interest over the last few months as it proves an easy replacement for most brake testing units.

Did you know this brake tester has MTS Connectivity?   Find out more >

The BM4010 in-ground model can manage axle weight of up to 4000kg (4 tonne).

Other benefits and features include:

  • All steel is made from the highest quality and hot galvanized
  • Consists of an integral motorized gear box, two main rollers and a spring-loaded sensor roller, all placed in a galvanized steel frame.
  • Easy to use BM FlexCheck software
  • Approved by several international authorities
  • The wear surfaces of the rollers are based on mesh steel to ensure a long-life time, accurate measurements and much more

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